The Brunswick Rotary Club invited Claude Bonang (93 years old) to a weekly meeting in September under somewhat false circumstances! Claude was under the impression he would performing his unique musical talents for us, which he did. But first we awarded Claude with the Paul Harris Fellow. Claude is a local celebrity, and he received this recognition based on his many years of sustained and exceptional service to the Brunswick community.  (This Paul Harris Fellow award is the highest form of recognition a Rotary Club can bestow. It is presented to a Rotarian or a member of the community who has made an outstanding contribution to the community.) While we looked forward to hearing Claude perform for us, we were extremely excited to give him this special and prestigious Rotary International award that he so greatly deserved.  

    After a long career as a high school teacher, his love of music moved him into a new career as a volunteer entertainer at nursing homes, schools, and fundraisers, like the Brunswick Rotary’s Midcoast Maines Got Talent. These days Claude mostly performs for local nonprofits on an assortment of unique instruments. You’re likely to see him playing a standard musical saw, a bow tie musical saw, a harmonica, a pan flute and a melodica. 

    Claude was so appreciative during our ceremony and did not miss a beat performing on his bones and saw. Here is a clip of Claude Bonang in action playing the spoons dressed as the Lone Ranger on YouTube. Just follow this link: