The 2023 FUN & GAMES FOR KIDS on the Brunswick Mall

This year's event on July 1st brought our Rotary Club back to the Brunswick downtown mall. The Rotarians set up snack tables and games...and waited for our guests to arrive. 

When they did it was time to let the games begin! We had 3 legged races, sack races, fruit on a spoon races, pie eating contests and a whole lot of fun for everyone! From the little ones to the grown ups, everyone got to play and enjoy themselves. The weather was perfect and so was our day of fun. 


The CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT was a fundraiser and it was a blast. The teams battled it out to declare themselves winners of the 2023 CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT. 

1st Place: Two Men
2nd Place: Go U Bears
3rd Place: The First Timers