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We were already into the introductory portion of the program, with Val Campbell doing the honors. Rich Cromwell was here from the Bath Club, and a plethora of Brunswick High students/teachers/principals and parents. Our Welcome Song rendition started strong and tapered off.  We recited the Four Way Test.
Always testing is Mark Alexander with humor. He noted that he and Superman have never been seen in the same room. Just sayin'. He also reported that he enjoys one glass of wine a day for his health. the others are to feed his witty repartee and personality.
Always with the witty repartee is Keith Koehler, Sergeant at Arms extraordinaire. Great great was voted in unanimously. Walter Norton was happy Keith was here. Sandy Morrell Rooney was happy for a great fall (autumn we assume, not face plants). Les Hodgden had a fiver, four for heading to Italy for a few weeks, one sad for missing the fundraiser. Chuck Mull reported that the Missus Mull is home from spinal surgery, so her future is in Chuck's hands. The pressure is on.
Doc Phillips enjoyed having his son's home to show him how much work can get done in two days. Fred Horch will sadly miss the fundraiser because the Senate debate is that evening, but wife and sons will be there. Stacey Frizzle had a sad dollar, as the body fished from the Androscoggin was Jim Howard's (Priority Group) brother. There is also a Senior Expo at Cook's Corner. Lennie Burke attended the BDA Auction and had a great time. Kind of like our fundraiser. She also showed her germaphobia, and thought that given the flu season is upon us, we substitute elbow bumps for handshakes. Jim Whitten had a five for missing meetings. 
Rick Wilson, BHS teacher, noted it is unusual to ahve the HS principal take time from her busy schedule to attend today and support the students. Patty Biggs moved two cords of wood into the cellar. And she took her daughter and grandson to Disney for four days. It was his first flight. And she had hand sanitizer for Lennie. Keith noticed some interesting decoration in the men's room Didn't expand on that. And Art Lamothe was happy to contribute his services for the fundraiser auction, though to be valued at $1000 may be a tad optimistic.
Laurel Koepke reported on all things Interact. The MT Ararat folks participated in the Breast Cancer Walk, and will have 300 pumpkins to care for Freeport and LL Bean's Halloween festivities. And was that the Brunswick club in the paper. Rick Wilson reported that the Brunswick folks continue to grow and transition from Key Club to Interact (also sponsored by the Coastal Club.)  And he is getting to know more members. We sent five to RYLA, And a couple will be going to NYC on Halloween Weekend. Thanks go out to Carol Adderman for attending the meetings and for us recognizing students for what they do, something that made a huge difference in his life. Huge in their own right are BHS students Julia and Allie, who are both seniors and Interact Club officers, Rick said that for any Club to be successful, there need to be point people who get things done. Julia and Allie are those folks for the club, from local food drives to a mission to Queens, NY for support. They both thanks us for recognizing them. 
Club membership is waxing, with the addition of Cynthia Card (sponsored by Don Kniseley) and Ashley Richards (Claudia Frost). Gary Torow gave them the  full spiel of membership in a worldwide organization, welcomed in any club around the world and doing great works. Ashley thanked us for welcoming him to our ranks, and gave some history of his background and Rotary activities, replete with quotes. Cynthia was a bit overwhelmed, and was fine with thanking us and looking forward  to give back to the community where she has lived for 11 years and finally has a schedule that allows her to join and participate. Welcome to both.
Dave Nadeau said that the Portland Pirates are offering discounts for groups and extend that to Rotary. A Crutches for Africa speaker will be at the regular Freeport meeting at the Harraseeket Inn. Next week we will have Keith Koehler leading the draw down of fundraising concepts from 15 to 3. 
Pack a Backpack is coming on Wednesday the 29th. Evites were sent to everyone this morning, Use these as a faux poster and forward to your contacts. At this point there are close to 60 auction items and four live auction items.  So the message is to sell tickets and come and spend a lot of money. Lots of lessons learned as we kind of fast tracked this edition. Make checks out to the Brunswick Community Fund to get tax benefits. Thanks go out ot Dennis St Pierre for leadership on this, and to all the organizers and donators. 
We raffled (Dennis picked his own ticket) and we were out.