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President Gary Torow steered the regular Monday meeting of the Rotary Club of Brunswick Maine to order, noting the absence of the scheduled invocator, he called upon Brick Gibson for a professional Invocation, who spoke of challenges and doing better. We pledged.
Val Cambell handled introductions of visiting Rotarians (Jen Chesley) and guests (prospective members Ashley Richards and Cindy Smith). We serenaded, and decently so for a change. And recited the Four Way Test.
We were humorless, so on to Keith Koehler, our Sergeant at Arms, who never lacks for humor. He extended great great to include the weekend and solicited a buck from all for the greatness. Patty Biggs started happiness with a review of the successful food drive on Saturday at Shaw's organized by the Brunswick Interact club. The collected the proverbial ton of food with great energy and enthusiasm. Patty reflected that this is the kind of effort we need to support to guide the next generation of Rotarians. Allison Chapman caught us up on the baskets for the Pack a Backpack fundraiser - categories are pets, chocolate and all things Maine. Carol Adderman also supported the Interact food drive - she worked from 1-3 and noted that the kids really know how to ask for money.
Jen Chesley self fined for 3 years of not filling out visiting Rotarian cards (after filling one out the first visit), then found out it benefits attendance figures, so started again. Dennis St. Pierre may have finally found a home in the area - offer in and waiting to hear. Keith himself was happy/sad - his youngest daughter is expecting around new year's day, so there was a shower this past weekend, but then his oldest daughter called from Montreal with news that her baby was in the ER with a temperature of 103, so his wife hied off to Montreal, leaving him to host his first baby shower. interesting. Montreal baby is OK, but has some issues and will require surgery, though not an emergency. Gary Torow got himself a new used kayak and spent hours on the New Meadow River. Cindy Smith gave boat rides on the Androscoggin this weekend.
Pack A Backpack is Tasting for Good all grown up. It will be our fall fundraiser on October 29 (it is a Wednesday) at the Brunswick Hotel and Tavern. It costs $500 to be a host, adn we have five already, so that is a great start. And all donations are to the Community Fund, so fully deductible as a write off. We have 21 auction items so far, including some intriguing items. And we are looking for more. Patty Biggs will email us to solicit ideas for more items.
Then we were on to our program, which was Keith Koehler and the winnowing process for a new annual fundraiser. We each got six votes to distribute as we wish among the many projects proposed during our idea generating meeting back in August. This will narrow the list to 10, from which we will then narrow down to three and then assign committees to extol the virtues of each and then we choose a project from those. So the meeting concluded with much milling about and voting (Keith emailed the list of narrowed down projects.)
We raffled and then we were out.